Double-disc non- return valve Liquids / Gasses / Steams with excellent hydrodynamic properties and drag coefficients

max. pressure: 16 bar / 232 psi max. temp. 300°C / 572 °F

double-disk non-return valve

The Thermoclassic PoweFlow Flange-design valve with a double-steel-disc is a non-return valve for fluids, gasses and steams. Its short design makes it easy to clamp it between pipe flanges according to DIN/EN, applicable with PN 6/10/16 as per DIN EN 1092-1.

Manufacturer: Reiche; Type: Thermoclassic (TC) PF_F- N…/ 40-50-65-80-100-125-150-200 (DN).           

Optimal flow-increase for plant expansions at a constant nominal size. Replacement costs are reduced to a minimum, thanks to the standard installation length for non-return valves. For a maintenance-free installation between flanges, applicable at PN 6/10/16. Due to its broad sealing surface, no centering tools are necessary. The double-disc is made of austenitic steel, which works from -10°C (14°F) up to 300°C (572°F).

(PF) FN-…
PN 6/10/16 bis 300 °C


  • Optimal flow increase for system expansions
  • with the same nominal size
  • Minimal exchange costs – through
  • Standard lengths for check valves
  • Double valve disc made of austenitic steel, -10 ° C to 300 ° C.

Ground connection on request

Order numberGTIN*DescriptionPNLength
diameter mm
Nennweite DN (Inch)Approx. weight kg
PF_F-N404024549001959PowerFlow, (PF) F-N40, DN 40, PN 6/10/16PN 16, Flansch, max. 300°C328540 (1 1/2″)0,568
PF_F-N504024549001966PowerFlow, (PF) F-N50, DN 50, PN 6/10/16PN 16, Flansch, max. 300°C409550 (2″)0,798
PF_F-N654024549001973PowerFlow, (PF) F-N65, DN 65, PN 6/10/16PN 16, Flansch, max. 300°C4611565 (2 1/2″)1,438
PF_F-N804024549001980PowerFlow, (PF) F-N80, DN 80, PN 6/10/16PN 16, Flansch, max. 300°C5013280 (3″)2,4
PF_F-N1004024549001999PowerFlow, (PF) F-N100, DN 100, PN 6/10/16PN 16, Flansch, max. 300°C60152100 (4″)3,2
PF_F-N1254024549002000PowerFlow, (PF) F-N125, DN 125, PN 6/10/16PN 16, Flansch, max. 300°C85182125 (5″)5,85
PF_F-N1504024549002017PowerFlow, (PF) F-N150, DN 150, PN 6/10/16PN 16, Flansch, max. 300°C100207150 (6″)8,6
PF_F-N2004024549002024PowerFlow, (PF) F-N200, DN 200, PN 6/10/16PN 16, Flansch, max. 300°C137262200 (8″)14,9